Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mai Raman Patru Luni – Four Months to Go!

Good Day Ladies and Gents, 

Welcome June.  It’s sunny in Bucuresti and I’m extremely excited to spend another beautiful summer covering my limbs with slacks, shirts and ties; enjoying the warm sun and sweaty Romanians.  It’s a shame we can’t wear shorts out here. 

This week was incredible!  So much crap went down and we had so much to do. 

Monday was prep day. 

Tuesday we got the new missionaries in and I trained them alone with President Ivory while Elder Allphin trained the trainers.  The new guys are both out of the military.  One went to Georgetown and the other was accepted to Princeton. . . . So, I was feeling pretty stellar with my one class background at on-line SLCC!   I’m so edumaceted!  We also went on a 3 mile run that day which my body immediately reminded me that it’s not used to such exercise. 

Wednesday started with another run, but luckily we had worn President out a little bit so it went a little slower.  We did some more training with all the new people.  Tuesday and Wednesday had a combined total of around 13-15 hours in meetings.  I fell asleep in one of the last meetings while president was talking and I was supposed to be conducting the meeting . . . it went great! 

This weekend we had District Conference here in Bucuresti with a guest from the Area 70.  Elder Reina from Spain was the visitor.  I had the privilege (working on positivity) of translating for him.  Now he spoke in Spanish, which was then translated into Romanian, and I then translated into English for those who don’t speak Romanian.  It may or may or may not have been the same talk that he was giving, but I think it turned out okay.  I really hate translating, but it helps my Romanian a lot.  We also had the movie premiere of Meet the Mormons here in Bucuresti.  Romanian is one of three European languages that it was translated to, which is a big deal given we have such small numbers in comparison to other countries.  We filled an entire theater with 300 people plus and over 75 of those were investigators.  It was translated really well considering the District President here is a former actor.  His name is Alin Constantinescu and was in films like Anaconda 3. He got a team of non-member voice actors and paid them to translate and be the voices for the actors.  They did a killer job! 

I’m having fun, recovering from a head cold . . . eating lots of fast food . . . enjoying the sun. 

Sorry, I forgot my card reader so no pictures for today!  

I love and miss you guys,

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