Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brasovul e frumos – Brasov is Hot!

Good day peeps . . . 

I’m here in Brasov for week two . . . It’s great!  The branch is pretty sick and there will be an 8 year old baptism next week.  Church attendance hit  62 Sunday which is the highest it’s been in years, but there were about 20 people there as visitors so we think 42 is a more realistic number.  President was there with a family friend of his and then there was another family from Switzerland and a ton of other people. 

It’s getting really hot around here. . . unusually hot for this area of the country and we don’t have AC. Today is 94 degrees and we were invited to do some service for a YSA girl.  She needed her refrigerator moved from one building to another, about 200 yards away.  She picked the two skinniest missionaries in the mission, but we got it done!  Of course she lived on the 3rd floor.

There’s nothing too big going on, just trying not to think about time too much.  Home is coming-up quick on us and I just wanna have fun and get stuff done here! 

I love and miss you guys - Have fun! 

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