Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week Two From the MTC!


Week two at the MTC has been pretty good!  Nothing too exciting has gone on this week other than we study all the time and we have two new investigators to teach; by investigators I mean they're our teachers and they act like investigators.

The language is difficult and I knew it would be.  I can almost pray without notes and bear a small testimony!  I’ve memorized the missionary purpose and am working on the first vision. I blame public high school for my lack of success because I have no idea how to conjugate verbs and where to place nouns and  . . .

All four Elders (Romanian) are always together.  The other two elders are way funny and pretty cool kids. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as often in my life!  Even though I’m drained mentally, I always catch myself laughing at almost everything!  The Sisters in my district are very sweet too.

It’s fun seeing people I know in the MTC and it reminds me of home. In the fireside on Sunday I ran into Sister Peterson (friend of the Frey’s).  She complemented my tie but had no idea who I was so I just said thank you and laughed as she walked away.

Congratulations go out to little Damon who can now ride a bicycle without training wheels - WAY TO GO BUDDY!  Someone give him a beso and hug and tell him that I love him and he is a stud!

We say our prayers at the same time each night but it’s all over the place in the morning.  I think of you all while I pray and pretend we are together.  I can feel your prayers and know you all are helping me.  I love getting mail and hearing about your lives.  Thanks so much for your support in everything.  You are awesome!

Love and miss you all!

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