Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Transfer!


So here is the news on the transfer - My whole district is staying the same!  Barclay will continue to train me and we will remain Aviatiei!  Pretty excited about it and it should be fun.

New Year’s Eve was great!  We celebrated from the roof of the mission office and watched as Bucharest lit up the sky!   Everyone was setting-off fireworks and they were all pretty big!  Nothing too exciting other than that but we had fun.

Not too much has happened this week. I went on exchanges with Elder Duker from the MTC.  It was pretty insane to have us both in our first transfer and contacting. On the other hand, we actually had some success by Romanian standards.  We knocked one door and this guy turned us down pretty quick and we turned away and started walking when a woman came out of that same door with two oranges.  She insisted that we take them even though I told her we didn’t want anything.  Everyone thinks that if you knock on their door, you just want food or money.  I ended up just saying that we will take her oranges, if she would take one of our pass a long cards - She was more than happy to!

I got a little sick over the weekend with a pretty big head cold and my nose was running like crazy.  After church, we did a few things and ended up home at 4:00 PM, I slept from 4-5:00 PM, then ate some food and took some Melatonin and other drugs.  I slept from 6-11:00 PM then made myself eggs and sausage, then slept again from 12-8:00 AM this morning – It’s amazing how much better I feel today!

Pretty crazy story from this week - So we have all our district meetings and all our lessons (all zero lessons) at the Mission Office here in Buch. The building has eight stories and the church is on the 7th floor.  On Friday, just hours after our district meeting, at about 11:00 PM Romania time, there was a large fire that started on the 2nd floor. The office elders were there and luckily the BFD (Buch Fire Dept.) had the fire put out before it got too big!  I have a link at the bottom of the email plus a picture. Elder Phelps (Bountiful) is being interviewed.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say for this week. What I learned from my first transfer is....
1. This isn’t a normal mission in terms of teaching and actual mission work.
2. How hard the language is going to be; that I actually have to work for it!
3. How to make a great English Breakfast!
Obviously I’ve learned a lot more.

Anyway, I love you guys and hope you have a good week!

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