Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, March 10, 2014

Back to the Buch - Another P-Day on the Road!

E-mailing from Buch again today.  Dearden has a cavity and his mom asked that we come back and get it fixed, so no fun for today.

Had a few experiences this week but nothing too exciting . . . 

On Thursday morning, during our studies, we got a knock at our door. Elder Dearden and I got up and look through the peep hole to find the Jehova Witnesses standing in the hall. We both laughed because we got block knocked.  We grabbed our Books of Mormon and put on our nametags. When we opened, the woman said to the man, "uite, sunt Mormonii" "look, they're Mormons." The guy just got super nervous and told us how glad he was to run into us. We respectfully let him speak and tell us about their religion because we know how it feels to be on his side of the door. I felt bad though, because his hands were shaking and we could tell he felt very uncomfortable. 

Later that same day, we blocked knocked into a woman who said she was very religious! When I asked if she read from the Bible, she told us to stay for a moment as she went to grab something. When she came back, she had in her hands the largest bible I have ever seen. Claiming that it weighed over 7 kilograms and she reads every single night!  The book looked like more like a microwave than a book - It was huge! Didn’t let us talk too much but she was cracking jokes and said she was proud of us. 

That evening, we were on our way home for dinner and passed this particular bloc (next door to ours) on a daily basis. It usually has two dogs patrolling the parking lot, but they’ve never bothered us. They must have been angry because of the rain or something, because they started barking and sprinting towards us!  Elder Dearden used his umbrella to defend himself and I’m embarrassed to say that my fight-or-flight instinct led me running into our bloc scared!  We continue to pass the dogs every day and they haven’t bothered us since then. 

Missionary work has slowed down again.  Other than teaching English twice a week in our chapel, we don’t have too many lessons.  We might have to drop Florin, the man I was mentioning last week, because he fails to keep his commitment to come to church and to read scriptures. Don’t worry though, we are working hard!  Elder Dearden keeps us outta the house and doubling our expected weekly hours. Needless to say, I sleep pretty well at night. 

Things Romanians Say - While block knocking, we get some pretty crazy responses!

Here's one example . . . 
Lady: What are you doing here! 
Us: We are just here to speak with others about the Savior and offer help.
Lady: Don't people in your country sleep at this hour? *slams door*
Let’s not forget that it was 3:30 PM

Love and miss you guys! 

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