Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, August 11, 2014

Arad is Hot but not Arid

Well everyone else's week was full of some pretty sick surprises (Pippa & Chicago), so I’m not sure how interested you will be in mine.

I’m excited to hear the kids will be sticking around Centerville for a little bit longer and they’ll be around when I get home. Plus we have ourselves another little Frey running around and I get to meet her in just over 14 months!  Pretty insane!  Still don’t know how to pronounce the name, Pee-pa? po-pe? Who knows... I’m just gonna call her Kathleen till I figure it out.

Living in Arad is a new world. I was told that it’s very mexico-ish and it’s pretty true!  It’s been freaking hot every day since I've been here, with high humidity.  All the buildings are pretty sick with super bright paint on ‘em.  Actually reminds me of Puerto Rico a little bit.  The architecture and city in general is far more interesting than Ploiesti.  If I wasn’t sweating like a chicken at KFC then I’d be pretty stoked.  It just needs to cool down a little bit.

Working for Ivory is a stress. The man is all business and expects a lot, which is good. He is pushing us being positive after his daughter labeled us as the most negative mission in the world – Haha!  He is human though. In our Mission leadership meeting, he bailed early to go play some tennis with his 11 year old son who is living here with them.  He was just like "well I gotta tennis match with Ellis, so we gotta wrap this thing up."

Elder Baielli is sick.  He moved from south western Italy to Idaho when he was 16, and miraculously didn’t commit suicide upon arrival.  Who would move from Italy to Idaho? Haha!  He speaks English really well though and is pretty blunt with me!  It'll be good.  He returns back home in December.

I speak in church this week and we are helping the new senior couple find an apartment as well. This week will be pretty busy, with all kinds of meetings and places to be.  We might travel to Oradea, which is a short train ride away, for some area work with church leaders.

Sorry, but I’m at an internet cafe and it won’t let me download photos, so maybe later this week or next time!

Love ya,

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