Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mit Cinas!

Good to hear from y’all today.  I can finally say that I am emailing from the beautiful city of Oradea; it’s amazing here!  We live in the best apartment in the mission by far (I found it) and right on the river!   We walk to and from the city center using the riverside walkway and its nuts.  Little did I know that I would be entering into a different country upon arrival.  Almost everyone here speaks Hungarian and its annoying.  They will just start talking to each other in Hungarian about you, knowing that you don’t speak it, and then they will start back in Romanian with you.  I've run into a few people that have said that I speak better Romanian than they do, and they've lived in this country their entire lives! 

No old man buttocks this week, but it was a good week anyway.  We had a really lame Mission leadership conference this week via skype . . . we didn’t fly to Buchurest.  Our skype didn’t work very well and we were only able to listen.  They didn’t receive our audio or video and we didn’t receive their video.  We just sat and listened to them speak back and forth for three hours.  It was pretty lame. 

This week was Oradea Days and they had some crazy festivals going on all week in the parks.  It was like the park in Centerville on the Fourth of July, but every day for a week long!  They had live music, amazing traditional foods (heavy Hungarian influence) games and all kinds of stuff going on.  We saw some parades and watched the Romanian armed forces perform some crazy stuff too.  The week ended last night with Oradea's birthday and another parade and fireworks!  It was a freaking zoo in Centru and really fun. 

Time is passing like crazy and I can’t believe that this week will be October 16th!  This day a year ago, I gave my farewell talk and stayed up till three in the morning with friends – haha! 

Love and miss you guys,


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