Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mit Csinazc (whats up) !

As you can all see, I’m working on my Hungarian since more than half the members in my new city of Oradea speak fluent Hungarian. I’m actually not in Oradea yet, but will be tomorrow - hopefully!  I’m excited and president has some high expectations from us.  We’re kind’a under the microscope right now, which is slightly nerve wracking, but I’m good. 

We had a good week saying goodbyes AGAIN to the same people. They've begun to start asking "when are you guys leaving?" - hahaha but its good. I’m pretty sure they are getting sick of us saying goodbye, then seeing us on Sundays again! 

Well it was a good week with football.  I gotta say I’m sad I missed it and jealous that the whole family went down to watch the games.  Also the old guys hit 30 years of marriage and I’m not sure what they call that marriage milestone, but it should be "The Pampers 30" (hopefully I don’t have to explain that joke).  

Speaking of old people and their problems, we visited an old man today named Sandor from Hungary.  He moved here a while back, but we can barely understand the man due to his thick Hungarian accent. He has had some surgeries over the years to repair a crooked spine and when he thought I wasn’t understanding him well enough, he stood up, pulled down his pants and underwear, then continued to turn around and moon me while pointing out the incision scars on his back and butt.  I love this country.  I gotta say that it wasn’t the first time I've had that happen either – hahaha! 

General conference was good.  We still haven’t seen all the sessions and need to listen to some of them in English so I fully understand, but it was pretty sweet. 

Love you guys, keep it real and go bolts! 


P.S.  I’ve included photos - This guy is Stefan!  He has a huge drinking problem and we have been working with him. His wife is a member and is very humble.  He cried when we left and said "other than the first elders who taught me, you guys are the coolest!"  He is the man! 

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