Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, February 24, 2014

Buna Ziua Dragi Frati si Surori

The highlight of the week was the baptism of Alex Raducanu!  Super cool kid that Elder Barclay found about a year back.  I had the opportunity to teach him and his family for the last few weeks and I asked that he start thinking of a date for baptism and out of nowhere he caught us off guard and said (last) Friday!  It was a super cool day for him and the missionaries.  His dad is a member but his mother and little brother are not.  They all have been attending church for about a year but the mother was a super strong orthodox member and stumbles on doctrine a lot and has a ton of difficult questions for us missionaries.  I feel like she is testing us, and the gospel, to make sure we have all the right answers. Obviously we don’t have all the answers so a lot is left up to faith on her part.  I say this because at the baptism, Alex asked that his mom come up to the stand and bare her testimony with him.  It was super emotional for her and it was a big step forward for the family.  I can tell the little brother is ready for baptism but is still a little unsure; same with the mother. 

Work, work, work - Elder Dearden is go all the time!  We spend lots of time in blocks and on the street contacting, which is good.  I received my iPod and am pretty surprised with the music selection – Thanks Shanley!  I can now listen to Steely Dan and Don Henley (who the heck are Steely Dan and Don Henley? – Haha!) 

We didn’t meet with Florin (beard guy) this week but he asked that we come over tomorrow to talk with him some more.  The success has slowed down a lot lately but I guess it’s just how things work.  Don’t have too many other strong investigators to talk about but I have hopes for Florin! 

The weather has been a bit chilly and super windy lately! I hope it starts warming up and the sun comes out because I am ready for spring!

Things Romanians say . . . Ce tare - Literal translation is "what loud" but they use it as "cool" or "Sick"
-Uite, am pantofii nou!
-Look, I have new shoes!

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