Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer Number Three - In Four Weeks!

How is everyone doing this week? 

Hope all is well back home and i miss you guys!

Well to start, for the third time this transfer, I have a new companion!  You guys know I started with Elder Barclay. Then the emergency transfer and I went with Elder Harris in Ploiesti.  Now, there has been another change!  Of the four Elders here in Ploiesti, two weren’t getting along very well.  It got so bad that President decided to separate them and switch with Elder Harris and me.

My third companion this transfer is Elder Daniel Dearden from Northern California.  He is an extremely diligent and hard-working missionary that believes in one way of doing missionary work.  I will be working extremely hard these next few weeks and getting a lot of contacting in.  Let’s recap a little bit:  Two weeks with Barclay; two weeks with Harris; and now for the remaining two weeks of the transfer with Dearden!  Haha – yep, this has been a little crazy for me!  One good thing though, I didn’t have to move because Deardon came to me.  This all happened on Friday and I have only been with him for a few days. 

As far as investigators go, I lost all of mine because of the switch and we will now be teaching Elder Dearden’s. I haven’t met any of them yet. We also had interviews with President Hill this week and I survived - Not too exciting.

We’ve done a lot of shoveling lately which has been fun. The Musat family, who are members, invited us over for lunch this week which was really good!  She is a good cook and I enjoyed the meal!  We had soup and their version of spaghetti which isn’t what you would think; pretty much just noodles with ground pork in it.  For desert though, it was a different story - not nearly as good.  They gave us more spaghetti noodles with egg, sour cream and sugar - mmm yummy – not!  As we were leaving, Sister Musat said that we wouldn’t need to take our scriptures and bags because we would be doing more shoveling at her house.  She was very sneaky in getting service out of us but it was totally worth it for the food!

We had a pretty interesting block this week.  The first door we knocked was a "homeless" guy named Bogdon.  The reason I say "homeless" was because even though he had a home, he may as well had been homeless.  Of course he invited us in and all he had in there was trash, carved wood crosses and beer!  He was super drunk and started crying to us about life. He told us that he dug a grave for money earlier that day and has been trying to drink and smoke less.  After about five minutes Elder Dearden says "well, we gotta go.... but... uhhhh..... ya, God loves us" and we stood up and walked out.  As we neared the end of the block, a lady started yelling and getting mad that we were trying to convert everyone.  She said "everyone is orthodox here, and we don’t want to change!"  Out of nowhere, I just started explaining to her about why we are here and on missions.  She was shocked that I said we just want to serve people and help them out . . . We just continued back and forth and after I had pretty much said all I know in Romanian she stopped.  All she said after that was that she wishes us health and a good night!   Then walked away.  Elder Dearden looked at me and said "I can’t believe how well you handled that" then laughed and said "usually when I talk to people like that, they just get super mad and kick us out of the block."  It was an interesting night!

This week has just been a big long blur for me, so I don’t have much to write about! 

I love and miss you guys so much!  Hope you had a good Super Bowl Sunday and we can all be happy because Denver got wrecked! :)

Love Elder Brown!

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