Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey guys!

Well I had a little bit of time to breath this week and it was pretty nice!  We were able to do what we wanted and meet with some people that we haven’t been able to meet with.  The pictures from Lucy's birthday look fun, and I’m glad to hear the Utes handled there game with ease.  

We made a visit to a member that had a stroke right before I arrived here in Arad.  It’s sad because she was such a great member and she may remain in this condition for a year.  Her entire left side is paralyzed as of right now but she can feel when you touch her hand and foot.  She has a very small support system and it meant a lot for her that we came and visited.  I feel horrible that it took me a month to get there. Mom knows how hard it is to be in a hospital bed for that long and I felt for this member. She cried when we left and was very thankful that we were able to come. 

A man named Bene from Togo Africa just arrived here in Romania as a volunteer to work with children in schools and stuff.  He got referred to us when he expressed interest to learn English.  Only speaking his native language and French, it has been a challenge.  We invited him and his friends to come play soccer with us and he brought two other Africans and another volunteer from Turkey.  It was crazy to play soccer with them and probably the most African/South American mission experience I will have here on my mission. They were freaking amazing at soccer and played barefoot on a crummy field that looked like the sandlot. It was amazing, but I don’t have photos.

We also went paintballing with our entire zone on P-Day and it was freaking fun. I’m covered in welts, but it was sick. 

Hope everyone has a good week and that the Bolts get a win tonight! 


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