Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey everybody!

Mom may not think so, but time is flying!  I feel like I was just emailing you guys two days ago. This week has been decent.  We met up with a kid named Liviu a few times.  He is pretty hyperactive and can’t sit through a lesson too well without it getting a little nuts, but he is a good kid and loves being around.  He aspires to be a public speaker and motivator, but sadly has a pretty rough lisp.  He loves English and has us help him with that a lot, and then we teach him the gospel. 

English is going as usual. Lots of people and lots of fun!  We teach the advanced class and had a discussion the other day about travel.  I asked the question, "who is the most interesting person you have ever met and where were they from?"  One lady responded that “we were the most interesting people that she had ever met because we came to the poorest country in Europe to teach English and volunteer our time.”  The people that come are sick and are super appreciative of the classes. 

We had one of our English students ask if we were willing to teach him and his friends at work.  We asked him where he works and he said the fire department.  After talking to President Ivory, we went with it. They pick us up on Thursday in one of their trucks to take us over to the place. I walked into the room and saw 45 people in desks with paper and pencils in hand ready for a lesson - It was super intimidating! Then, as I walked in, everyone in the room stood up and stared at me!  I was freaking me out and it took a minute to realize what was really going on.  The man that comes to our classes and set this thing up is "kind of a big deal" (Ron Burgundy voice).  They were all standing because he is their superior.  I asked him after class what his position is here and he said that he is the Chief Fireman for the entire country of Moldova!  He told us that he was super grateful for what we are doing and that they really needed the class because when they need to communicate with other departments in other countries, the common language is English. We’re set-up to go out there every Thursday from now on to teach English.  They then gave us a tour of the building and all the dope vehicles there! 

I also found out that Moldova is the testing grounds for mission work in Europe.  If the area presidency or even the first presidency wants to try something out in Europe, they will first try it here.  Which means we will have some dope stuff going on here pretty soon.  A lot of it is pretty confidential stuff, but they let us in on a few things.  I have no idea why they chose Moldova, but I’m thinking it might be due to the size of the country and the fact that everything is cheap here. 

We also went bowling this week and I put up a 157!  

Anyway, I love you guys and miss you! 

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