Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Casa Poporului - People’s Palace

Hey guys . . . I’m alive! 

Sorry for not emailing you yesterday.  We had a big Zone Conference and that took up all my time.  P-Day was today and we had some fun. 

We visited Casa Poporului which is known in English as the People’s Palace.  Romania was under a pretty tough communist regime during most of the 20th century and in the late 80's there was a guy named Nicolae Ceausescu.  He was pretty rough on the people and ended up being executed along with his wife!  Well he took all this cash from the people and built an insane palace in the middle of Bucuresti. It’s the second largest building in the world behind the Pentagon.  We took a tour and I have some pictures (attached).  

As I mentioned, yesterday was the big Zone Conference and it was insane.  I was in charge of the agenda and I think it changed about four times before the conference; President kept adding and taking out stuff.  We were flying by the seat of our pants and it was pretty insane.  President flew in some of his good friends from Utah and they spoke.  Brother Burbage shared a pretty cool message for success.  He is President Ivory's concrete contractor and a pretty successful dude.  When people ask him "what do I need to do to be successful" - he responds - "what do you do, when you don’t have anything to do?" 

President Ivory, furthered the message with: D&C 58: 27 Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness.  It was a good meeting and I learned some good things. 

I’m now serving with a cool kid from Alpine Utah named Jantzen Allphin.  He played for the Lone Peak basketball team and has four state championship rings as well as a national championship.  But he is the most humble kid I have met and it will be fun to be with him.

Romania is warming-up and the weather is killer.  I’m stoked for summer and warm weather!  Time is going to fly when we get to summer so don’t stress Mom, I’m doing well and having a good time. 

Love you guys . . . hope all is well!


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