Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Din nou in Bucuresti – Again in Bucharest!

Sorry I missed you guys last week. Life has been a little nuts! 

Well transfers happened since I last emailed and I've been moved!  I left the land of Moldova and am back in Bucuresti, serving as AP with Elder Daland again, which isn’t super common to serve with someone who you have already been with, but its good.  We live with two other Elders and the only other Elder Brown in the mission, so it gets a little confusing. 

Living in Bucuresti is a little different than I remember.  It’s nuts how much prettier it is than Moldova.  Some missionaries would argue with me about that, but it’s pretty stellar here. 

It was fun serving with Elder Harper and at the same time really tough.  We went all day long (100 mph) and never really stopped.  I was at the best point as a missionary as far as doing what’s good and it was fun to be with him.  It had only been like 5 days since I left and I hear that the fool cut his hand while doing the dishes and had to get stiches – haha, but he's excited to be ending his mission in Moldova. 

The coolest person I met there was Michael Zgarburi (pictured).  He's the architecture student that will be in the states this summer, doing work and travel.  His looks remind me of Chance Hutchinson a little bit and he is pretty funny.  He's always telling us "'ya know, I’m not really a spiritual guy and I already have my own path" and we just laugh and tell him that we are going teach him anyway.  He's been a real homeboy though and took about four hours out of his day to take us on a Chisinau tour, taught us a lot about the bombings of the early 40's and how that changed the architectural design of the city.  He had all kinds of photos and info for us and he spoke most of it in English which was pretty sweet.  I’m still emailing him and will probably meet up with him before I go home at some point if that option is made possible to me. 

I miss you guys and am looking forward to Mother’s Day here in a few weeks! 

Love y'alls!


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