Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hey People!

My week was pretty jam packed so I’ll take you through it quickly:

Mon - Normal
Tue - Met with President all day
Wed - Prepare for trip
Thu - Office staff meeting, to Sibiu (4 hour drive)
Fri - Half day exchange in Sibiu, to Oradea (5 hour Drive)
Sat - Zone Conference, District Conference (Elder Adler of the 70 attending)
Sun - District Conference, cont. Drive home (8 hours) through Cluj, Sighisoara, Brasov

The drive was insane!  We had a lot of fun, took a ton of photos and ate a lot of snacks.  Sora Ivory packed us super tight with food, candy, fruits, veggies and all kinds of stuff for the drive!  Seriously, I couldn’t have eaten everything that she had given us and she is the shiz!

Romania could be the most beautiful country on planet earth.  If anyone has seen Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, all the beautiful rolling green hills and huge mountain ranges look just like Romania.  We often had to stop and wait for cows to get off the road.  We stopped and admired the Gypsy mansions which are colorful and giant.  We also took a break in a town of 200 people and I talked with an old woman for 30 minutes about living in the middle of Romania.  She had the thickest countryside accent and I could barely understand her!  We also saw about 400 sheep with all bearded gypsy herders.  It was incredible!  It cannot be correctly explained through words or photographs, but I tried my best. 

Conference was great. The visiting authority was about 6’4”, had a super deep voice and a mild German accent. He talked about how through love and softened hearts, we as missionaries can spread the message more easily. I again presented on ‘Extending Commitment Invites’ and ‘Setting Expectations.’ 

Being in Oradea was the best thing on planet earth . . . IT IS THE BEST CITY IN THE MISSION!  I was surprised that all the members remembered me and about half even remembered my name.  I spent most my time talking with them.  I could've spent the rest of my mission there and if I have any say in where I am going at the end of my mission, I will make it very clear to President that I want to be in ORADEA! 

This week will be high stress because we gotta plan and get ready for the following week, which will be transfers.  We need to plan for the incoming, outgoing, trainer and all other missionaries who will be moving over the course of three days.  This includes setting-up all types of training meetings, interviews with President, meals, activities to keep them busy, and doing some morning runs with president which as you all know is my favorite a.m. activity. 

I love you all.... Keep it real!

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