Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!

It was sweet to Skype most of you yesterday!  It’s weird to see faces and voices I recognize!  Hope all the momma's had a good day and know that I love you.

This week was contact marathon. We literally walked over 30 miles and spent lots of time contacting people.  It’s been pretty slow for work though.  The only lesson we taught this week was to Paul.  He is a guy in his 50's who is all about gathering information.  He kept explaining to us what other religions believe, along with the big bang, Darwin's theory and everything else going on in the world.  He talked for an hour straight without us getting a word in (a typical Romanianism). 

We had a surprise activity on Saturday for the senior missionaries that are going home.  About half the branch showed up and it was a pretty big deal for everyone.  After we ate and people spoke, we had traditional dancing and music going on.  I was the only guy that jumped in on the dancing with the ladies (kind’a dragged in).  All the other Elders were laughing and taking pictures of me. 

Mother’s Day went well.  Dearden and I had flowers for all the widows and old ladies in the branch, which is more than you think.  I also had to speak in sacrament meeting for the first time on my mission.  A little intimidating, but was told I only made two mistakes in Romanian and I spoke as a Romanian would.  We Skyped for the rest of the day and played Settlers of Catan while our companions were Skyping. 

Hope everyone’s doing okay and know that I miss you guys!

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