Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, May 5, 2014

Good to talk to you guys again!

It’s been a long week. You remember Tavi right?  He was the investigator of ours that had a baptismal date.  Well it’s been hard to get a hold of him lately and when we finally did this week, he said he was just too busy for our discussions – yikes!  Luckily we are still meeting with people like Alin, a young kid from Barcanesti.  We take a 10 minute bus ride out from Ploiesti to a super humble little street with tons of people, trailers being pulled by horses and neighbors building each others houses. It’s been sweet and we are excited to keep meeting with him. 

The culture here is another world entirely.  It was illustrated perfectly this week by a man I spoke with on the street. You know that Romania has just busted the chains of communism and is still fighting the formally corrupt society.  The man explained that after the revolution, people had no idea what to do with their "freedom."  To better explain that idea to us Americans, he said that it is the same thing that happened when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.  They only knew how to be slaves and pick cotton. Romanians are climbing their way out of this rut and trying to broaden their abilities and mindset.  It’s still funny and unusual to get cut in line at the store by an old women, or have someone wave their finger in your face as you try to speak with them. 

Not much to tell of this week.  We had our last interviews with President Hill and find out next transfers this Saturday!   

Super excited to skype this week and talk with most of you!  You guys are awesome!  Have a great week! 

Elder Brown

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