Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, May 19, 2014


How’s it going everyone? 

Well I have a new companion. Elder Rose is 20 years old and originally from Bountiful Utah. He lived just west of the Mandarin and moved when he was in the 9th grade all over the place, now finding home in eastern Texas. He is a big boy and very intelligent. He spent his freshman year at Harvard before coming to Romania. He has been on his mission for 22 months and knows what he is doing. He actually was a Branch President in his last area (Galati). 

We did some service this week. There is a member who works at an animal hospital and asked that we do some cleaning. I think we were all expecting something really gross considering we have seen some of the hospitals here for people. We got there and it was surprisingly clean and nice.  It was easy work, just cleaning windows and mopping floors. I asked the member where I could get clean mop water and she took me back to this room with a giant metal table with knives around the whole room.  She then looked at me while filling up my bucket and said "this is where I work - dissection.  I only work with the dead animals . . . cadavers!"  As creeped-out as I was, I managed to say "cool, very interesting!" 

The weather is slowly working its way out of the craps.  We've had a few thunderstorms here and there, but it’s alright.  We’re also getting our new English classes ready and advertising for that but nothing too exciting. 

Remember Tavi?  The investigator with a baptismal date a few weeks back.  He showed up to church yesterday which was cool.  If you remember he told us "I don’t really have time to meet anymore, but if I have time on Sundays I will try to make it."  It was cool of him to show-up.  I guess we will just see what comes of that. 

Hope you guys are doing alright! I love and miss ya! 

Elder Brown

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