Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, May 26, 2014

Vara a venit - Summer came!

It’s been a good week here in sunny Ploiesti.  The weather is pretty warm, but usually we have a breeze to keep us cool.  It really only gets hot when you are on public transportation, with 50 other people.  Quick culture fact: Many Romanians believe that the movement of air (current) into the open hole of your ear is the leading cause of cancer, common colds, back pain and any other bodily ailments you can imagine.  So to fight this horrible deathly air movement, people either stuff their ears full of cotton, or they keep all windows shut.  Now imagine a bus with a capacity of 55 people packed with just over 70. Then imagine that all the windows are shut and it is a little over 25 degrees Celsius outside.  What you come up with is me and the lady next to me mixing sweat between our exposed arms pressed up to each other on the bus. Plus the eager man, who clearly forgot his deodorant, behind you trying to get off the bus 150 yards away from the stop. 

If you don’t remember, I spoke in church about two weeks ago.  It was the first time I have had to speak in church in Romania.  Well on Saturday night at about 9:00 PM we were in the store getting stuff to bake banana bread, when the branch president called and asked that I speak again the next morning!  Tavi, our investigator, came to church again this week which is cool too!

We also had our zone conference up in Buch this week which gave us time to get outta Ploiesti for a day. It was nice to see that I was taken care of by my mom when I found a package full of Kraft mac n' cheese. It’s amazing what you'll miss after 7 months in a foreign country. 

The language is going alright. I wouldn’t say that I’m near fluent yet, but I do understand almost everything that is being said now.  The grammar is slowly coming and I need to work on some more vocabulary. 

Love you guys and have a great week! 

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