Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

O Alta Zi Si O Alta Dolla – Another Day, Another Dollar

How’s it going everyone? 

Well it’s another week here in Ploiesti.  We currently feel like the local blessing givers here.  Between the sick members and the sisters, we have given a few blessings this week. It’s cool and it gives us work to actually do. President and Sora Hill were here in Ploiesti this week for a fireside/going-away speech.  It was pretty laid back and they talked about how much they enjoyed their stay here in Romania and showed a bunch of pictures. 

I've been getting kinda bored here after four months in the same city doing the same thing, but we are trying new things and doing new stuff.  The senior missionary couple that was in Ploiesti left this week, which in most cases would have been a bad thing but we no longer have to translate during church so there were a few perks. 

As I mentioned, it’s President and Sister Hill’s last month here in the mission.  Our new mission president comes the first of July which should be pretty exciting.  Everyone in the Mission is excited and starting to petition and campaign for the leadership positions which is slightly annoying but entertaining.  The new mission president will be pretty cool though.  He is the CEO of Ivory homes "Utah’s number one home builder" and on the Board of Trusties at the University of Utah.  "Kind of a big deal" - Ron Burgundy.  He served a mission in Italy and the rumor is that he is learning Romanian pretty quickly considering the similarities between the two languages. There are a ton of rumors going on here in the mission about him, but we are just gonna wait and see. 

Don’t have much to report today, but we are going to a castle here in a few weeks so we're looking forward to that. 

Love and miss you guys! 

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