Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer Nine!

I’ll be staying here in Oradea for another transfer which sounds pretty good to me!  We went to Bucuresti to drop off the Italian and pick up my new companion.  Baielli will be finishing his mission in Ploiesti of all places. My new guy is Elder Manning, from Fruit Heights.  He is my age and went to Davis.  We don’t know each other or any of the same people.  He’s a pretty chill kid and I think it will go well. 

We are still working on finding peeps . . . I feel like that’s been my standard email for a while.  We did visit another less active member this week.  He’s a 22 year old kid and his 14 year old sister.  Apparently the oldest brother was the first to be baptized and then left for Hungary.  Since then, the other two have struggled to make it to church.  It was really awkward at first and probably the weirdest start to a lesson I have ever had, but we basically got the point across and I changed the subject to school and things to do here in Oradea.  We talked about soccer and stuff and that opened them up a little bit.  It’s been a while since I've been the Senior Comp, so I kind of forgot how it feels to carry the conversations. 

We tried to carve pumpkins for Halloween but it turns-out that you can’t find pumpkins in Romania, so we just hung out with some English students, played games and ate crap food!  It was alright; the 31st didn’t feel like Halloween at all.  On the first of November we went to the cemetery in Oradea for their "day of the dead" which was pretty cool. The place is freaking giant and almost every grave was lit up with candles and stuff!  It was incredible how many people showed up. 

Anyway, I love and miss you guys! Talk to you soon! 


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