Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, November 10, 2014

We Had a Decent Week!

Glad to say we’re actually teaching someone right now.  The guy just turned-up out of nowhere and he is pretty sweet!  The Sisters met him and gave me his number.  I called him that day and we talked and he said that after the call he prayed for a sign to know if we were legit or not.  Well not even an hour later, we were walking and I said to Manning "hey lets go this way and see if anyone wants some English cards."  The first guy I talked to looked at me weird and says "are you Mr. Brown from the phone?"  I said, uh, maybe?   Haha – Turns-out it was the same guy and he accepted that as his sign from God.  We had a pretty cool first lesson and he seems to be perfect as of now.  I’ll keep y'alls updated.  Augustin is his name so please send prayers his way. 

We are doing a weekly game night and this week we had the treats.  I decided to pull the old Craig Morrison trick and mix some dog treats into the situation.  I got a bowl of regular mixed snacks and trail mix and tossed in a few dog treats.  Before you know it, I have two Romanian gals eating them and they didn't even notice!  I lost it laughing!  Haha - Then a Sister missionary ate one and realized.  Luckily nobody got mad and I had a pretty good laugh.  But, I’m waiting for it to come back and ‘bite’ me. 

Dad asked me to let you know about the ZL administrative side of things.  Other than doing zone finances, refunding everyone on planet earth and working out missionary's accounting errors, it’s not that bad.  We collect numbers from the four District Leaders in the zone (easier said than done) and then report them to Presidents Assistants.  We also have a Sunday night conference call with President Ivory where we report all the people that are being worked with in the zone and go over numbers and stuff.  This week we had to do everyone’s travel plans to get down to Bucuresti for a mission conference.  Getting everyone trains to-and-fro, it’s been a little hectic lately.  I’m ready to be a District Leader again, or better yet just a normal missionary - Haha! 

Love and miss you ‘ya! 

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