Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Challenge

I have a favor/challenge for you guys.  I know your lives might get a little hectic over the next few weeks but I want you to do something extra with me.

I have now read Jesus the Christ, the Infinite Atonement and finished the New Testament yesterday.  It’s crazy how much I didn’t know and learn every single day.  After reading these three books, I will never be the same.  The Savior is incredible and I know you will learn something new too.  The shortest of the three is by far the Infinite Atonement, but first I challenge you to read the New Testament.  If you've read that, then read Jesus the Christ.  Jesus the Christ is crazy informative!  You will never get a more in depth look at the Savior's life.  If you've read them both, then read the Infinite Atonement.  It WILL change how you look at the Savior, the atonement, the sacrament, prayer, repentance and the love of God. 

I just felt like Christmas would mean so much more for all of us if we were doing something together.  I hope that you can finish one of the books on-time. I’m just giving it to Mom and Dad, but if any/all would like to participate (family or friends) - DO IT!   As for Mom and Dad, there are no excuses - FIND TIME!  That means, no Biggest Loser, or Bachelor, or any Little People sitcoms – Haha! 

I love you and please share what you learn with me EVERY WEEK this month!


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