Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well Hello People of America!

Thanksgiving rundown for y'alls.  We woke up and made some food; I made stuffing and Elder Manning made pies.  We then went to choir practice and got ready for the big feast.  Of course we ate waaay to much food as usual, but it was incredible.  A sister here makes the best chicken pot pie.  The other Elders prepared the turkey and that was great too.  Potatoes, gravy, rolls, the whole shabang . . . it went well! 

Every time we meet with Augustin he reminds us that he wants to be Mormon.  The guy is great - Super cool!  However, he mentioned to us this week that he did have a problem. He doesn’t feel very welcome at church.  He said that only the "American brothers" at church (missionaries) are friendly and that the Romanians or stand-off’ish.  We spoke to the Branch President in correlation meeting and I think it will be better from here on out. 

This week we’ll be pretty jam packed!  We have a skype call with President Ivory tomorrow, choir practice a few times and zone conference on Saturday.  Plus Branch Christmas Concert on Saturday!  We need to pretty much get everything ready and try to (somehow) feed over 40 people this weekend!  Should be fun and stressful! 

Today is Romania Day and the streets were jam packed with peeps!  Everyone had their flags out and was play’n in the frozen rain! 

Love you guys!

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