Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fun Week in Oradea!

Tuesday morning we woke-up at 3:30 a.m. to get to the airport and fly to Bucuresti for our monthly leadership meeting; it went pretty well.  The mission moved into a new office in Buc and its incredible!  The place doesn’t even have chairs yet, but you bet your butt they had the two 70” televisions up and running with Apple TV - Haha!   We were back home the same day by 6:00 p.m. and I think I slept for 13 hours!  I was so dead that I didn’t even hear my alarm the next day. 

We had the boys from Timisoara come for an exchange which was fun.  I got to see Elder Anderson from the MTC again. 

Something cool happened in Arad this week.  There was a less active woman that I taught and she was pretty cool, but just lacked something.  She was the only member in her family and just struggled getting to church alone.  I heard that her husband reluctantly accepted a blessing during his fight of cancer and knew by the next morning that he needed to be a member of this church.  He was taught all the lessons and was baptized this week!  What and incredible experience knowing that people who I taught, and became friends with, are now changing their lives. 

Transfers come out this next week and I can honestly say, I have no idea what will be going on.  I’m not nervous, but I don’t know what to expect.  I will keep you all posted.

Sorry, no pics this week, forgot my card reader.

Go Running Utes Basketball!

Love ‘ya

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