Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, January 26, 2015


Welcome to the wonderful world of Moldova. This place is insane!

I have only been here a few days, but it is already insane!  I have entered into a new world of crazy and it’s filled with Russian speakers.  People actually speak Russian here more than Romanian so that should be fun.  

The trip down was intense. Fourteen hours to Bucuresti, spent the day there and left for Chisinau that night.  It was another fourteen hour train ride, but this time we had to pass through customs.  About 400 people came to the door of our sleeper and asked us for our info - "Why are you here?  Who are you?  What’s your purpose?  Where are you coming from?"  They interrogated us hard!  Elder Daland told me that we got through easy that time!  I barely got any sleep since most of this occurred at 3:00 a.m. 

Elder Daland is from Southern California.  He’s just one transfer behind me and we actually met in the MTC.  He plays water-polo and has been in Moldova for 8 months!  Haha – It’s a crazy place to spend that much time! 

Our apartment is nice but could use a few improvements.  I’ve already started to fix a few things and clean and even got a little crazy and tested out the ol' fire extinguisher!  Haha - those things are messy . . . It’s not nearly as nice as my last place, but will work out great. 

I seriously feel like I’m in Russia!  It’s a little bit colder.  People are a lot bigger and they all speak Russian.  We have two branches here, one Romanian and the other Russian.  The Russian speaking elders here are pretty nuts too!  One of them is actually from Russia.  His name is Elder Streleski and he is huge!  He we was raised in a small city were they have military forces and is a Russian tank driver and also boxes for fun.  Pretty intimidating, huh?  I don’t have a picture with him, but once I get the courage to ask . . . I’ll send one. 

The members are cool too!  Tons of young people which is different.  I’m not used to that at all and it’s weird.  I have already been asked to teach priesthood next week. 

The Romanian accent here is incredibly different.  I can barely understand people at all.  It sounds so dirty and messy and is gonna take a while to get adjusted.  But after saying a prayer at an activity, someone commented to another person "hey, could you here his Russian accent?"  That was pretty surprising to hear.

Long email, but one last thing for fun. They sell milk in bags instead of cartons; like bags of chips!  This will be nuts! 

Love you

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