Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

в Россию? (To Russia?)

Transfers are out and I’m leaving Oradea!  Gotta say that I’m pretty sad because the members here are dope and the city is by far the prettiest I've served in.  I'll be moving the furthest of any other missionary this week, going from Oradea to Bucuresti and then to Chisinau, Moldova!  It’ll be a total of 30 hours on trains and two whole days!  I’ll be serving with an Elder Daland from Southern California and I’m a Zone Leader still.  I guess, my Hungarian will be thrown out and I’ll start learning Russian!  I’m not stoked to learn the new alphabet at all, but lucky that half the people speak Romanian.  They recently split the branch from being together to a Romanian and Russian branch, which will make it better.  We leave tonight and will spend the day in Buch tomorrow, then take another sleeper train to Chisinau. 

This week was pretty good though. We really just did normal stuff but had fun doing it.   We went to Cluj yesterday to play around and see a new place.  It’s a beautiful city with tons of universities and churches.   

I’m excited for change but really wanted to stay in Oradea.  It will be good though and I’ll get to meet tons of new investigators and missionaries.  

Things Romanians say:  Today we were running for a tramvai and missed it.  A man walked up and said "you ran for nothing!"  I replied, "ya its ok though." He said, "it happens sometimes, with tramvais... busses... cars... and women!  You run after them, sometimes miss them, but another will come in 15 minutes!"  Worldwide truths I suppose. 

Love and miss you guys! 


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