Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another Short Note!

We are halfway through this transfer and that amazes me.  The Sisters I came into the mission with will be leaving in just three short weeks so if I was born as the Paisley that Mom wanted, I would be returning home. 

This week was pretty fun. We had our zone training and President let us be in charge for the first time since he arrived (usually he does the talking).  Elder Harper and I had 2.5 hours to talk about resolving concerns prior to baptism and the other three hours were left for the Sisters to lead a discussion on sharing our personal testimony/story.  Honestly the meetings all feel the same and I feel like I’ve done a thousand of them.  I wonder if President will keep me here for another transfer?  If so, he will have to leave me again because Elder Harper will be going home and someone needs to know the area.  That would mean that I would go at least eight transfers (one year) doing the same Zone Leader thing - YIKES! 

On Thursday night, Elder Harper and I went to the local library to do some studying and get our library passes.  We found out that there would be a toastmaster public speaking event that night and we decided to stay and watch.  It was in English and everyone participating was Moldovan, so we could help them as they went.  They announced that at the end they’ll select random speakers from the crowd.  I elbowed Harper and said "I'll buy you lunch if you speak" and he gave me the same bet.  Well turns out that we both were called on to speak - Haha!  It was a topic of our choice and Elder Harper spoke about personal journals for three minutes.  At the end, when they announced the awards, Harper was the best speaker of the night - Haha!  They snapped some photos with him and gave him a certificate.  At the event, I met a kid named Luliu who spent ten months on foreign exchange in St. George, Utah with a Mormon family!  He went to church every week and enjoyed it.  When he got back to Moldova he just went back to what he knew was normal and kinda forgot about church.  We’re set-up to meet with him this week. 

This week won’t bring anything too crazy. Hope everyone is doing well!  I also don’t have pictures because my card reader isn’t working but I'll get a new one and send pics next week.

Love you guys!

Go Utes! 

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