Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Elder Keegan Karsten Brown

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ceai si Cafea (Tea & Coffee)

Well everyone has reminded me a few hundred times, but for those that may not know . . . we have six months on the clock!  I’m serving with one of the sisters from my MTC group and she goes home in two weeks - nuts!  It’s kind of weird and I’m a little scared.  My comp is old in the mission too so I feel like I’m getting a preview of what I will be like in a few transfers.  He is all worried about school and stuff and what he's going to do. 

So go ahead and google Tucano Coffee in Moldova.  It’s this super dope coffee chain that has a pretty chill atmosphere.  Elder Harper and I went there a few weeks ago for soup and a sandwich.  At the Toastmasters gig we met with this guy who wanted to meet up and practice speaking in English.  We decided to meet at this coffee shop.  He told us he works there and I asked "oh sick, like the register?"  He laughed and was like "no, I kinda started Tucano . . . me and five of my friends."  Haha - this dude owns the coffee shop and I’m chill’n with him.  It’s a pretty small chain right now and just started a few years back, but I see it exploding in Romania.  He agreed to hear the lessons, but is normally pretty busy. They have two locations here, one in Bucuresti, and one in Dubai, UAE.  It’s a cool place and there is nothing here in Moldova with a chill atmosphere like they have, so people love it.  It’s a good place to find young people with actual drive and education. 

One of our other English students has shown a little interest in us.  His name is Mihai but has us call him Michael.  He’s an architecture student and in his 2nd year.  He wants to do his masters in Sweden and then move.  He’ll be in the U.S. in May and will be in Vegas at some point.  He will be there until September so I will just miss him. Pretty chill guy. I'll keep ‘ya updated. 

It’s pretty busy in Moldova.  I mentioned that Moldova is the testing grounds for Europe and the church does a lot of fun work here.  We are working with a marketing firm called GOODMEDIA and they have just launched an Easter campaign in Chisinau.  We are carrying these Video Flyers and showing them to everyone.  They made a ‘Meet the Mormons’ Moldova edition that is pretty snazzy.  Starting this week we will be hand delivering DVD's to people who have shown interest via internet.  They just click that they would like a DVD with an Easter message and we show up at their door.  It will be nice for us to give to people who are interested, instead of spending all day sorting folks out of a million blocks (apartments)! 

Moldova is getting warmer, but it’s been raining.  We have MLC on Thursday so I will fly to Bucharest again this week. Life is nuts, but I’m having fun! 

Love y'alls,

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